New Clever Moda & Pikante Underwear Summer 2015

Posted by Christian Clarkson on

The new underwear collections from Clever Moda and Pikante have arrived and are available to buy from our website now. From Clever Moda is a brand new boxer style in the form of an extra long leg boxer that is perfectly suited to sporting activities. The leg length reaches almost to the knee, and the boxer is made from a fabric which has small holes for increased breathability, releasing heat and moisture. Available in black, blue and green, they are sure to be a hit with our more active customers.

Another design which will catch your eye is the 'Kayanite'. This design comes in three different styles; brief, boxer and long boxer. Plus, it's available in two colours, blue and grape. The fabric has a lustrous metallic sheen to it and is very soft to the touch. Take a Look!

The new Pikante designs are, as you would expect, a little more spicy, with some transparent mesh boxers and the amazingly snug 'Castro Jockstraps' that fit like a glove, literally!!

Whatever your style, the broad spectrum of 'conservative-to-spicy', 'Clever-to-Pikante' will no doubt have something of interest for everyone.

Clever & Pikante Underwear from AsdruMark

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